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We are a dynamically growing, innovative consulting company for IT solutions, which belongs to a network of over 300 employees. 

The core competence of the company is to support larger companies in the digitalization and the associated transformation processes. 

Development projects that are in focus are from the areas of e-commerce and enterprise content management, but also IoT or Blockchain. 

The employees are the focus of this employer, which manifests itself through independent work, participation in the development of the company and targeted training options. 

Teamwork is an essential part of the culture, which is why regular collaborations, hackathons or after-work events are no exception.

If you would like to join us, please use our contact form.


Pros & Cons

The blockchain is a technology that enables secure, non-manipulable transactions in the network and is therefore also interesting ...
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Why an investment in Cryptocurrency is an investment in Blockchain

The blockchain technology and investment in cryptocurrency move the economy: banks, insurance companies or logistics firms - hardly ...
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the financial industry and beyond

Use Cases

The financial industry is experimenting with block chain technology, a kind of decentralized electronic cash book. The first ...
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